Getting Started with Salesforce

Requirements: Salesforce Enterprise Account

  1. Download
    Download EmailMerge from the link below and install.

                Download EmailMerge
  2. Installation
    Run the downloaded file and follow the steps in the installer. Please make sure that ‘Install Email Caddie with EmailMerge’ is ticked when you come to the following screen.

  3. Register EmailMerge
    Open Outlook. The following screen will be shown. Click ‘Register’

    Enter the registered name and unlock code provided in the purchase receipt email.

  4. Setup EmailCaddie
    ‘Getting Started with EmailCaddie’ screen will be shown, click next to setup EmailCaddie.

    Enter the EmailCaddie login details provided in the purchase receipt email (if not provided please contact us at the following email address

  5. Authorize Salesforce
    You will need to let Salesforce know that EmailMerge Pro and EmailCaddie will be using its's data.

    You should find that EmailMerge has been added to your Outlook Ribbon. Start the EmailMerge Wizard by clicking on the Email Merge button

    Click Create ‘Create a New Merge’ on the screen below.

    Click Next until the following screen appears and the select ‘Salesforce’ and click Next

    A prompt will be shown if you have not authorized Salesforce to work with EmailMerge.

    You will be redirected to the Salesforce login page when you click OK.

    Login in to Salesforce to permit EmailMerge/EmailCaddie to use Salesforce data in your merges.

    After successful login you will be presented with the following page

    Go back to the wizard and click next to view your Salesforce data based on Contacts and/or Leads.

    For more help on how to send and track with EmailMerge, please see the video tutorials here.
If the following instructions or the information in this knowledgebase did not help, please contact our support team at