Email Merge & Tracking has never been
this easy… or powerful

Email Merge to your Salesforce Leads and Contacts from inside Outlook

....and post results back to Salesforce.

No Salesforce Limitations

Send emails from Outlook to your Saleforce Contacts, Leads and Custom Objects. Send immediately or schedule for later.

Track Results

Track email opens, clicks, replies etc. Get instant notifications.


Post to Salesforce

Tracking events are posted back to Salesforce on the Lead, Contact, Account and even Custom Objects.

Email Merge to Salesforce Contacts, Leads & Custom Objects (no restrictions and no messy exports or imports)

You can now bypass any limits that Salesforce has placed on your accounts for sending out emails. Use EmailMerge for Outlook to send out as many emails you want using any of your Outlook email accounts.

It’s easy with the EmailMerge Wizard because your SalesForce contacts (and any views that you created in Salesforce) can be accessed from inside EmailMerge. You don’t need to do any messy exports or imports.

See who had opened or clicked on EmailCaddies Timeline (or get instant notifications)

Once the emails are sent, they will be tracked using EmailCaddie so that you can see who opens, clicks or replies to an email on EmailCaddie’s timeline. You can also get instant notifications for opens and clicks on your Windows desktop (or we can notify you via email if you prefer).

See who opens, clicks and replies inside Salesforce

We know how important it is to see all your sales and marketing efforts inside Salesforce. EmailCaddie will update your Salesforce contacts with all the important tracking information. View a contact inside Salesforce to see what emails they were sent using EmailMerge, and if they have opened the emails, or clicked on any of the links in it.

View Summary and Detailed Merge Information (or export for use in other systems)

Use EmailCaddie to see how your merges have performed. You can even export out CSV/Excel lists of who has opened, not opened, clicked, not clicked and more if you need to use the information in other systems.


Supported Versions:
Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016