Sending Merge with Salesforce

EmailMerge finally has the capability to work with Salesforce. You can merge to Salesforce contacts using the following Step by step instructions

  • Start the EmailMerge Wizard by clicking on the Email Merge button

  • Click Create ‘Create a New Merge’ on the screen below.

  • Click Next until the following screen appears and the select ‘Salesforce’ and click Next

  • If Salesforce has not been authorized, you will be redirected to Salesforce login page to authorize EmailMerge to access Salesforce data. After allowing EmailMerge to use Salesforce, select the Salesforce data source (Contact/Lead)

  • The next screen will display the views that were part of your previous selection. Select a view to which you will want to send a merge. Click next.

  • Set the main fields for your data.

  • All the contacts in the selected view will be shown. Select (tick) the people to whom you want to send this email and click "Next"

  • After confirming your Mailing List. Select 'Goto Email to Edit' and click Next.

  • The fields that are part of your Contacts in Salesforce is available to be used as m-Fields.To continue click ‘Resume EmailMerge’ on the ribbon.

  • The email preview will be shown. Select 'Continue with Wizard to send out emails' and click 'Next'.

  • You can set your preference to send out the email that is ‘delay send or send now’. Click next

  • Click ‘Log email events back to Salesforce too’ to record data into Salesforce. Click Finish to send out the merge

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