Link Tracking with Email Caddie

Email Caddie creates a special tracking link that is used to track any links in your email. Tracking is only done for any linked text. Raw URLs are NOT tracked.

For example:
Check out our Standss website! will be tracked will NOT be tracked. will NOT be tracked.

Why are Raw URLS not tracked?
The link that we use for tracking is to a special website used by EmailCaddie. When a recipient clicks on a link, Email Caddie is able to use the special tracking link to record a click and then redirect the user to the real website.

If we try and track Raw URLs, many email security programs (Anti-Virus programs etc) will compare the displayed text (which is the raw URL) and the actual link (which will be the tracking link) and realise that they are different.

They will therefore assume that you are trying to trick your user to go to a different website to the one displayed.

The solution:
Do not write actual URLS in the text of your emails.

Do NOT write or
Instead write Check out our Standss website!

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