How does tracking work?

Open Tracking
Email open tracking is done by putting a tiny online pixel (image) on the email. This image is inserted by the Email Caddie Outlook addin. The image is not visible to the recipient.

When the recipient reads your email, the image will be sent by the Email Caddie website. This tells EmailCaddie that the email has been opened.

But… there are situations in which this will not work. For example:

1. If recipients have their email client setup to NOT download images automatically then EmaiCaddie will not know that they have opened the email.

2. If an email is forwarded to someone else, and that person opens the email (and downloads images), EmailCaddie will still think that the original recipient has opened the email.

Despite these limitations, Email Caddie still provides valuable information as it should still track the majority of email opens correctly.

Click Tracking
The EmailCaddie addin tracks emails by replacing the link you have in your email with a unique tracking URL. When the recipient clicks on a link, EmailCaddie uses the unique link to record that a click was carried out, and then redirects the recipient to the correct page.

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